Species Care Information

Index of species care sheets

  • Chelonoidis- South American forest tortoises
    • Red-footed tortoise, C. carbonaria
    • Yellow-footed tortoise, C. denticulata
  • Kinixys- African hingeback tortoises
    • Bell’s hingeback tortoise, K. belliana belliana and sub-species
    • Serrated hongeback tortoise, K. erosa
    • Home’s hingeback tortoise, K. homeana
    • Lobatse hingeback tortoise, K. lobatsiana
    • Natal hingeback tortoise, K. natalensis
    • Speke’s hingeback tortoise, K. spekii
  • Manuora- Indochinese giant tortoises
    • Asian giant brown tortoise, M. emys emys and sub-species
    • Impressed tortoise, M. impressa
  • Indotestudo- Asian forest tortoises
    • Elongated tortoise, I. elongata
    • Forsten’s tortoise, I. forstenii
    • Travancore tortoise, I. travancorica
  • Testudo- Mediterranean tortoises
    • Russian tortoise. T. horsfieldii and subspecies
  • Terrestrial turtles

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