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– Edible tortoise plants

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Other tortoise sites

– Red-footed tortoises

  • Redfoot Tortoise. Joe Heineman’s care and sales site. Besides tortoises and good articles, he also offers useful supplies at Carolina Pet Supply.
  • The Tortoise Yard. Vickie Hale’s red-footed and other tortoise page. Excellent articles.
  • PetSmart Red-footed Care brochure. It is not a link, but the newer, full-color brochure is free and well-done.
  • Santa Rita. A South American form raising tortoises commercially.
  • Santa Cruz. Like Santa Rita

– Other forest tortoises

  • Manouria– not a great site, but there are not a lot of choices
  • See also Tortoise Trust, Chelonia, and California Turtle and Tortoise Club to the left.

– African spurred (Sulcata) and leopard

– Russian tortoises

– Mediterranean tortoises

– Terrestrial turtle sites

Other sites

– Magazines and Groups

– Discussion forums, etc.

– Vets, listed by state

– Sales sites not otherwise listed

– Interesting tortoise and turtle links

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