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Research and biology

General chelonian care

  • Austin’s Turtle Page. Great general site with articles, state-by-state lists of laws and vets, care sheets, and the Turtle Forum.
  • California Turtle and Tortoise Club.
    (CTTC) One of the larger and older chelonian clubs in the US. Several good articles, although some are dated. Specializes in Desert Tortoises.
  • Tortoise Trust. A UK-based site with great articles and research.
  • Tortoise Supply. Mostly a sales site, but some very good information as well.
  • Anapsid. Melissa Kaplan’s well-respected reptile care and information site.
  • Tortoise Group. Specializing in Desert Tortoises, the info is helpful for everyone. They offer a booklet on care that has a great section about outdoor pens.
  • PetSmart has an OK “starter” guide to general turtle and tortoise care.
  • A Spanish site (with English option) advertising itself as for turtles, tortoises, and people.

General dietary information 

  • AZA Nutrition Advisory Group. Nutritional aspects of insects as food.
  •, my preferred source for nutritional info on various common supermarket foods.
  • SelfNutrition, another good resource for nutritional info, with several interpretive charts.
  • Oxalic Acid and Foods– an article on oxalic acids.
  • USDA list of oxalic acid levels of selected vegetables.

Edible Tortoise Plants

Dangerous Plants for Animals

Housing and environment

Tortoise Tables

Outdoor Pens

Light, Heat, Humidity

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