Bibliography- Regional/Species

Books, sorted by region and species.

General Tortoise Care and Information

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North America: Gopher, Desert, and Texas Tortoises

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South America: Red-footed, Yellow-footed, and Chalco Tortoises

[Note: Galapagos is listed with “Island Giants”]

  1. Ebenhack, Amanda. Redfoots and Yellowfoots; The Natural History, Captive Care, and Breeding of ‘Chelonoidis carbonaria’ and ‘Chelonoidis denticulata’ (Turtles of the World, Testudinidae, Number 3) . Living Art Publishing, 2009. ISBN 0978755634.
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Africa: Sulcata, Leopard, Hingeback, Tent, Padloper, and Similar Tortoises

[Includes Madagascar]

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Mediterranean Area: Russian, Greek, Hermanns, Egyptian and Similar Tortoises

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Asia: Elongated, Mountain, Forstens, Travancore, Star and Similar Tortoises

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Island Giants: Galapgos and Aldaberan

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